High School/College Mean Girls Experience

To put it simply, teen years sucked, for both me and my daughter. The dramas in her inner circle seemed to be non-stop, emotionally draining, and all too distracting.mean-girls-10-year-anniversary-best-quotes-gif1111

When things got serious–that is, when one girl threatened to hit my daughter–I did what I’ve understood we’re supposed to do: I encouraged her to speak to her school counselor about it. I told her that schools take bullying very seriously.

When she did, I got a call from my sobbing daughter after school. The counselor’s solution was to segregate my daughter from everyone else; to give permission to make my daughter the odd girl out.

My daughter and I had recently attended a session with Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabees (the inspiration behind the film Mean Girls). I fully expected the counselor to deal the “mean girls” in a way that would permanently solve the problem; I was not prepared for the idea that she might make the situation worse.

These girls were emotionally poking at my daughter; they knew how to make her cry and took full advantage. So when the counselor told the girls to stay away from my daughter, they were tacitly gave them permission to taunt her more, “Mrs. D said said you can’t sit next to us. Mrs. D said you can’t be near us.”  I ended up apologizing to my daughter for encouraging her to go see the counselor.

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What is Outplacement & how can it help me?

Outplacement can be provided by an employer as part of a redundancy package. Many companies offer outplacement services to employees as a way of helping them through a difficult time and supporting them re-enter the job market. Employees can either work with a career coach over a number of face to face meetings or be

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How Clinical Research Helps in the Field of Medicine

An Insight to Clinical Research: Clinical Research involves systematical study on upcoming medicines and drugs. A clinical research is conducted in order to verify the procedures and components used for manufacturing of a medical product. Manufacturing of a drug or medicine invariably involves biological and chemical data and information usage, which are monitored by the CRA

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How decided should I be when I submit my college applications?

Last year when I submitted my college applications, I remember wondering often if I was sure enough of where I wanted to go to school. Now, my girlfriend is beginning to apply to schools, and she’s feeling anxious because she’s really not sure where she wants to go still.

Obviously, before turning in college applications, you have a nice variety of colleges to choose from. But once application due dates start hitting, your options will become much narrower. This can be a good thing, or it can be a bad thing, depending on how you want to look at it.

But whichever way, it’s important to feel at least some level of certainty with the schools you chose to apply to. You want each school you send an application to be a potential choice for you, not just some school you choose for the sake of choosing. Unless you have enough money to apply to schools simply for bragging rights, applying to schools on a whim is going to cost a lot of money (and time).

Here are some ways of helping to feel good about your choices:

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Do I need to go to freshman orientation?

Before you begin your exciting first year at college, you’ll be invited to attend a freshman orientation during the summer, where you can become more familiar with what it means to live at and attend your new college.

But for many, attending freshman orientation is a huge inconvenience. For starters, it can be pretty expensive — I know my freshman orientation cost around $300 for myself and my parents to attend, and that’s not including traveling costs, such as food and hotels. For others, the distance might be a big factor — if your college is a ten hour drive, then attending freshman orientation will take a lot of effort. Maybe you’re busy the day of orientation. And, perhaps, you’re just not interested. There are lots of reasons why you would consider missing orientation.

First and foremost, find out what’s going on at orientation. Many colleges do the same thing at freshman orientation, but you never know for sure. Make sure that nothing’s going on that you can’t afford to miss. If you’re at all unsure, send an e-mail to your college to become certain.

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Dorm beds use Twin-XL sheets! Don’t forget!

A common mistake when dorm shopping that people make is buying the wrong type of sheets. Many will go out buying new bedsheets, and mistakenly buy Twin sizes. While I’m sure there are some exceptions, the vast majorities of college dorm mattresses use Twin XL sized sheets. A lot of people never even hear about this size of sheet until it

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What does a typical school week in college look like?

If you’ve never been to college, it’s tough to imagine what a typical week’s schedule will be like. Even if you plan out your classes, it’s hard to say how you will actually spend your time, such as when you’ll be getting up, eating, and so forth.

Although everyone chooses a different schedule based on what works for them and yours will inevitably be unique too, a sample one is always good to have.

Below is my schedule from the first quarter of my freshman year, where I took three classes: Astronomy, Bioethics, and a writing class (“Core”). Here’s what a typical week looked like for me:


  1. 8:40 AM: Wake up to loud alarm clock. Cuss loudly, then quickly shower, get dressed, and grab some food quickly in the dining hall.
  2. 9:30 AM – 10:40: Attend Astronomy lecture.
  3. 11 AM: Eat lunch with my roommate and our friends. Hang around for a while.
  4. 5 PM: Eat an early dinner with roommate/friends.
  5. 7:30 PM – 8:40 PM: Attend Astronomy discussion class, even though it’s optional.
  6. 11 PM: Grab some late night food before the dining hall closes.
  7. 1 AM: Go to sleep

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How to pick a “safety school” when applying for college

Last week, I talked about deciding how many colleges to apply to and mentioned that you should have one or two “safety schools” on your list. A safety school is a college where you’re convinced you’ll be accepted to. If for some horrible reason all of your other schools turn you down, you can count on your

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Should I live with a high school friend in college?

When choosing a roommate for your first year away at college, many people will consider living with a friend from high school. Perhaps the friend is your best friend or perhaps it’s someone you think you’ll get along with. Either way, living with someone you know offers you that sense of comfort of knowing that

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How to have the confidence to ask a girl to prom

Asking a girl to prom can be pretty nerve-racking, even if you think she’s likely to say yes. There are all kinds of doubts swimming around in your head: what if she says no? What if I get nervous and mess up? What if I come across as weird? How are you going to ask?

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